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Ideas worth spreading


Thursday 12 May 2011
17.00 - 21.30
(time could change slightly)


IMI University Centre
International Hotel Management Institute
Seeacherweg 1
6047 Kastanienbaum-Luzern


Jack Vincent
Partner, focus360
TEDxLuzern Host

Josef Mondl
Director, Management School at The University of St. Gallen
"Is There A Future With(Out) China?"

Michael Hitchcock
Dean of Faculty, IMI University Centre
"The Aesthetics of Asian Negotiation"

Karen Tse
Founder & CEO, International Bridges To Justice
"The Tao of Human Rights"

Patrik Wermelinger
Head of Marketing
Business Development Lucerne

"Bridges Large And Small"

Rami Kim
RMK International Art (UK)
"Chinese and Indian Art - Beyond Culture"

Urban Frye
FilmLocation Lucerne
"Bollywood, Bigger Than Hollywood"

Claus Schreier
Lucerne University - Applied Sciences & Arts
"Sa Duak, Sa Nuk, Sa Bai"

Xhavit Bajrami
Kick-Box Team Bajrami
"The Gentleman"